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Multiboot Multiboot


comment faire un multiboot, svp ? Je n'ai pas compris ce qu'il fallait faire pour ca.




how to create a multiboot, please ? I didn't understand.
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pro basic

ho acquistato una licenza pro basic ma il programma mi si apre solo per uso personale non facendomi scaricare piu' iso alla volta.
Scusate se forse ho sbagliato qualcosa ma non so come risolvere.


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Warning on load of ver 3.2.4


I downloaded version 3.2.4 and unziped the file in to a folder.

When I start up die sardu_3.exe I get the following message:

it would seem that you are launching SARDU in non-supported mode !

I don't find any information about this non-supported mode, can anyone please help with some information about it?
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Systemreparaturdatenträger -- Virus Warning Systemreparaturdatenträger -- Virus Warning

At the site of one of the managed iso's they want you to use a Downloader.exe file, and it gives two positives for a virus.

This is the iso that is managed by SARDU. It seems to be defective also. You can directly download it but it seems to be a bad iso.


Windows System Repair Disk (in English).

Code: Select all
The Direct Download Link is this:;;ct=1;thc=1;b=8335493;c=16169503;tit=Systemreparaturdatentr%E4ger+%28Windows+10%2C+64+Bit%29;;sep=%7C;tce=%7C;tid=51531;tn=Notfall-CDs+%26+Recovery-CDs;tp=95%7C362;tc=95%7C362%7C51531;tpn=Software+Kategorie%7CTuning+%26+System;cs=1

It looks like a iso that is just ...
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Ten Windows installer & WPE2 (10) Ten Windows installer & WPE2 (10)

Hello - I am looking to expand my toolbox. I have noticed there are some added features for SARRDU, but I can't find exactly what they are used for.
So, If someone could direct me to, or explain to me what the Ten Windows installer & WPE2 (10) add-ons are for, and what they do, I'd appreciate it very much.

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password sudo always wrong

Hello there, I downloaded Sardu 3.2.4 on Opensuse leap 15.0
I run ./sardu_3 to open Sardu, I try to use it but it dosn't accept the sudo password. I type it correctly but I get the same error message (password wrong).
Obviously I checked the password several times but it did not accept it.

How can I make it work?
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Error 2485

When I start SARDU today, I get ERROR 2485 and SARDU fails to start.

I downloaded a new zip file and the same thing happens. I cannot find the error code on the Forum.

Can anyone be of help?

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Problemi con la creazione di una penna USB

Buona sera.

sono due giorni che cerco di settare al meglio il software...scaricando e riscaricando le iso da i vari link inserite nel programma.

Ho avviata piu volte ed usato piu supporti ma il risultato è sempre lo impiega una vita e non riesco mai a finire il processo di installazione su usb.

uso 2 supporti da 2gb, effettivamente uno da 1,88 e laltro da 1,85.

sto inserendo 1 iso utility ...Gparted da 300 ...
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software_xml keeps going missing

Seems I have a BIG problem now... Don`t have any clue as to how it happens, but everytime I refresh the USB in order for the program to point to it, every entry in the selection menu for what ever Linux, AntiVirus, Windows or Utility dissapears. I`ve uninstalling and reinstalling on a different hard drive, performed system maintenance etc and to no avail.

I cannot create any USBs, without the whole list dissapearing. When trying ...
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Windows 10 32&64 bit Dual Boot Problems

I want to create a USB multiboot stick that will work in both UEFI and LEGACY bootable environments. However, I keep hitting a brick wall. I use the ISO`s that I`ve downloaded from Microsoft using Windows ISO Downloader for both 32 and 64 bit versions. Now, I could use WinAIO Maker Pro to change the ISO into an all in one ISO image and point Sardu to that, however, it worked before but now for ...
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