Systemreparaturdatenträger -- Virus Warning

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Systemreparaturdatenträger -- Virus Warning

Postby djringjr » January 2nd, 2019, 7:32 pm

At the site of one of the managed iso's they want you to use a Downloader.exe file, and it gives two positives for a virus.

This is the iso that is managed by SARDU. It seems to be defective also. You can directly download it but it seems to be a bad iso.


Windows System Repair Disk (in English).

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The Direct Download Link is this:;;ct=1;thc=1;b=8335493;c=16169503;tit=Systemreparaturdatentr%E4ger+%28Windows+10%2C+64+Bit%29;;sep=%7C;tce=%7C;tid=51531;tn=Notfall-CDs+%26+Recovery-CDs;tp=95%7C362;tc=95%7C362%7C51531;tpn=Software+Kategorie%7CTuning+%26+System;cs=1

It looks like a iso that is just what everyone needs!

Best to all,

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Re: Systemreparaturdatenträger -- Virus Warning

Postby davidecosta » January 8th, 2019, 9:46 pm

Your link is down

I know this link for german version
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