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i'm born today i'm born today

i'm born today.

ciao a tutti, scopro solo ora le potenzialità di SARDU. d'altra parte la vita è bella anche perchè alcune cose si scoprono a 50anni :cheers:
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Babylon toolbar

Why is impossible install SARDU without babylon toolbar? When the options for installations toolbar and others annoying stuff are unchecked, in next screen if I confirm that I do not wont install that stuff, installations is interrupted .
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Spanish Forum (suggest) Spanish Forum (suggest)


In first time, I like to acknowledge your work with SARDU

In second (and why I write) is to suggest to create an Spanish Forum

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[submit] inno setup program script

Hello to all

because i did'nt found a setup with the product, i've done my own with inno setup, here is my script for those who could be interessed :

; Script generated by the Inno Setup Script Wizard.

#define MyAppName "SARDU"
#define MyAppVersion ""
#define MyAppPublisher "sarducd"
#define MyAppURL ""
#define MyAppExeName "sardu.exe"

; NOTE: The value of AppId uniquely identifies ...
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NTFS support in sardu

Respected sir,

Generally sardu creates usb partition and works on it. But now a days when the technology is increasing, the files are making bigger. I make a ghost file which is of 10.00 gb it does not comes on sardu pen drive because it supports files up to 4gb. so now i want that sardu creates ntfs partition on pen drive and works on it. i had 32 gb pen drive, so it should ...
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Microsoft replacing Standalone System Sweeper (MSSS)


Microsoft has changed its offline scanning tool from MSSS-32 to WDO-32 and MSSS-64 to WDO-64. You can see this at ... er-offline

From ... fline.html
The former Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper (MSSS) BETA is now available and known as the now renamed Windows Defender Offline BETA instead.

Can you replace the files in your next version?

Many thanks,
Tom Sheehan
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Persian Article for SARDU and guide to who to use it & ...

Hi m8

. Finlay! I wrote an Article for SARDU at our Persian Forum at here. in case any Persian users use it and have any question I will answer them over there. :cheers: Also I mention over there, If they found any problem(Bug :twisted: ) in SARDU, they can report you at "English Forum" with their full ...
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sardu.exe does not start

I have just downloadded from
I have unpacked into a directory and tried starting by doubleclicking on sardu.exe.
Instead od starting the run-as-pop-up window starts, asking to run
as actual user or as another. I did this as standard user without administrator rights.
This is the md5-value of
All happens under WXP SP3.

Nevertheless I find this peculiar. Can someone imagine what is going ...
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Im from South Africa. :) And we work in IT department :) We have to load software and use Hiren's and Linux dozens of times every day. Thanks davidecosta for this USB Util SARDU !!!!! Its way cool. If it was not for the weak Rand vs Dollar I would have support you ...
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New beta release of SARDU 2.0.3 New beta release of SARDU 2.0.3

New beta of SARDU

2.0.3 beta 7



  • Change License: now freeware only for pesonal and non commercial use
  • Adapted resolution of GUI for netbooks
  • Add Arabian language
  • Add Swedish language
  • Add support to YLMF (linux)
  • Fix AOSS with ISO
  • Updated Plop Boot Manager 5.0.12 (stable)
  • Change Windows Installer: user cant'use both Vista and seven Installer
  • Updated syslinux 4.x to syslinux 4.04
  • Updated direct downloader
  • Updated manage of links.ini
  • Updated TestDisk 6.12
  • ...
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