SARDU Multi Rescue Disk Antivirus

Multi Antivirus Rescue CD

Would you like to have all, or almost, the Antivirus CD in a single MuliBoot device?
SARDU is the best solution to remove viruses, spyware, keylogger or other malicious software

SARDU Multiboot Creator: the power of multiple Rescue Disks in a single USB stick or a single DVD

SARDU MultiBoot Creator: antivirus

The best antivirus scan solution

SARDU manages over ten system recovery systems and you can choose which antivirus software to send to your PC from a single device (USB or DVD).
The Rescue Disks are suitable for the recovery of all Microsoft Windows and Linux (FAT32, NTFS file systems, etc.) operating systems, even if it is no longer possible to launch them, to recover or restore lost data or to scan and repair the system after virus infection.
IF a connection is available, almost everyone will have the possibility to automatically update their definitions (in RAM, so they will be lost at the next reboot).

Antivirus ISOs are almost always based on Linux, SARDU ensures that they are not in conflict and work, one at the time, from the same support. and cookies