SARDU - MultiBoot USB Creator

How to create a MultiBoot Rescue Disk on a USB

How can a USB support be created with SARDU?
Step 1: download the ISOs you need by pressing the corresponding button

Step 2: create the MultiBoot rescue media

Step 3: launch your system from the created device

How to create a MultiBoot USB support

How does SARDU work?

After extracting the software from the .zip file, it downloads all the ISO images that you want to include in the support. To do so, it is sufficient to search for them in their section (antivirus, utilities, Linux, Windows, Extra) and click on the download button corresponding to the name of the software: the download will start after a few seconds.

If not otherwise instructed, the images will be downloaded in the \ISO\ sub-folder

How can a USB support be created with SARDU?

There is nothing simpler: after connecting with the support (USB Flash drive or any other removable drove) press the button "Search USB". The system will search for all connected peripheral devices formatted with FAT32and display them. Clearly the choice is available only if one or more USB units are identified. In any case, the "Report" tab sheet will show all the characteristics of the selected USB: Type (Removable or Hard Disk), Serial, Label, Space used and free space.

SARDU does not format the unit but will write/overwrite the data. Pressing the button with the USB icon, after asking if you are sure you want to create a USB with SARDU, the software will extract the necessary files, one ISO image at the time, and copy them on the USB support; after a careful examination, it captures the menu and creates the multiboot USB.

SARDU on USB is incremental: you can later add new software or manually delete old programs. The creation of the menu is carried out by checking the USB support.
The incremental function can also be activated by selecting USB -> Update USB on the menu. If the SARDU menu is damaged or if the peripheral device can no longer be launched, it is sufficient to select "USB --> Update only SARDU's menu" on the menu.

WARNING: The ISO copy (CD/DVD) to the peripheral USB may not work if the software management system of the CD and USB are different. and cookies