SARDU - MultiBoot DVD Creator

How to create a MultiBoot Rescue Disk on a DVD

How is a MultiBoot DVD created with SARDU?
Step 1: download the ISOs you need by pressing the corresponding button

Step 2: create the MultiBoot rescue media

Step 3: burn on a DVD using SARDU or an external software

Step 4: launch your system from the created device

How to create a MultiBoot DVD support

How does SARDU work?

After extracting the software from the .zip file, it downloads all the ISO images that you want to include in the support. To do so, it is sufficient to search for them in their section (antivirus, utilities, Linux, Windows, Extra) and click on the download button corresponding to the name of the software: the download will start after a few seconds.

If not otherwise instructed, the images will be downloaded in the \ISO\ sub-folder

How can I create a DVD support with SARDU?

Press the button with the disc icon and choose the destination on which to save the image, ensuring that there is sufficient space available. SARDU extracts the necessary files, one ISO image at the time, and copies them to the chosen destination, creating the MultiBoot ISO.

SARDU can burn the ISO on a CD-DVD using the included burning software.

Progress status is displayed: if an ISO is not found or is disabled, the buttons will be dark grey; otherwise, at the end of the extraction, they will turn green.
The focus will move to the various categories being extracted (Antivirus, Utility, Linux, Windows), and after a few minutes (depending from the number of software included in the support) the status will show the information that the ISO has been correctly created, and that it is possible to burn it.

WARNING: The ISO copy (CD/DVD) to the peripheral USB may not work if the software management system of the CD and USB are different. and cookies