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Avira with old PC

Postby davidecosta » January 13th, 2011, 1:49 pm

Regarding the Avira issue, I encountered another problem and figured out a solution, which I would like to share with you.

I'm working with rather old PC assemblies, that have a 640x480 touch screen attached and only 512MB of RAM.

Older Avira Rescue System revisions worked ok, except for the fact that the update button was outside the visible screen area, so I usually switched to the console and updated the virus definition files there. Often I also started the virus scan from the command line as well.

Using the new Avira Rescue System from early this week, I briefly see the Avira GUI (after quite a long initialization phase), then the screen turns black.

I have seen this sometimes with earlier versions as well, but then I could press CTRL-ALT-BACKSPACE to get to the console and perform the update and scan operations on the command line. Doing this with the latest Avira, it seems to restart the X server almost immediately, causing the same black screen in addition to an "insufficient memory" message.

The original Avira ISO supports a "No GUI" boot option, that is not shown on the boot screen, I think, and that is not listed when running Avira from Sardu.

So I did add the respective boot section to my /extra/extra.cfg:

label Anti^Vir Rescue System (No GUI)
kernel /antivir/vmlinuz
append nofb initrd=/antivir/initrd.gz ramdisk_size=108178 root=/dev/ram0 rw console=/dev/vc/4 av-nogui

Unfortunately, not all initialization steps are performed automatically when using the No GUI option, so I added a short script, based on the one provided with the Avira Rescue system and added the update and scan commands as well, so I only need to run one command after booting.

I placed the script in /extra and named it "RunAvira". (I'm not sure about what some of the lines do exactly, since I'm not very familiar with Linux, but it seems to work alright).

So, after booting Avira (No GUI ), I use

sh /media/Disks/E\:__\(3.7G)/extra/RunAvira

with "E\:__\(3.7G)" being my thumb drive (replace with the drive letter of your Sardu drive)

It's content is this:


export DBGTTY=/var/log/bootup.log

if echo "$@" | grep -q -e '--debug' ; then

/bin/network &
if [ "0" != "$?" ] ; then
exit 1;


/AntiVir/scancl --allboot --allfiles --scaninarchive --nolinks --colors /media/Devices/hda*

exit 0;


I hope this is of use to other people as well.[/quote]
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