How to Install Windows Eight from USB stick



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Multi Boot Creator

Guide to Multiboot with all Windows installer from same USB

SARDU is capable to install all Windows from the same USB stick FAT32 without partition, without any knowledge. Can manage the installer of Windows Eight, Windows Seven, Windows Vista, Windows XP (all Sp), and build one pendrive USB multiboot with a handy menu. This is best choice to install Windows in a PC, tablet or netbook without DVD player from the USB stick saving time.

Everything you need is just an ISO or a DVD with the installer of Windows Eight (or other), one pendrive or other removable memory disk with the space required.

Create a multi bootable USB flash drive for Windows 8 installation...

If you don't have a Windows ISO installer but you have a Windows installer DVD no problem. You have only to download the easy tool lcisocreator (only 52 kb) and build your ISO in a few of minutes.

SARDU expect these names to the ISO to manage installations

Windows Eight InstallWin8*.iso
Windows Seven InstallWin7*.iso
Windows Vista InstallVista*.iso
Windows XP Professionl Install_XP_pro*.iso
Windows XP Home Install_XP_home*.iso
Windows XP 64 install_XP_x64*.iso

Attention: * (asterisk character) is a wildcard to match any number of unknown characters in a phrase

Example: InstallWin8*.iso can match InstallWin8_Enterprise.iso or InstallWin8_Pro.iso...
Only the installer of Windows XP can manage more than one installer but only one for SP.

Example: Install_XP_home_SP1.iso and Install_XP_home_SP2.iso and Install_XP_home_SP3.iso...

Attention: SARDU cannot manage customized or nLited version of Windows XP

Build your USB pendrive with all Installers of Windows in three steps

Once positioned the ISO with the correct name in the ISO folder, default subfolder \ISO\, the checkbox of the Windows Installer, if not already enabled, will be activated with a simple check mark.

This will be very fast using a USB 3 or a hard disk, the speed is given by the speed of the memories


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