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How to manage and add extra ISO and extra folder options?

The extra folder (/ISO/extra) beginning it was just a "parking lot" for the files. It was created to position some anti-virus stand-alone type AVZ then be used by Windows PE

There have been requests for the user to add software could not directly supported. In this case you should extract the files from the ISO, move them into the folder extra. Edit extra.cfg with the configuration file so that it appears bootable. Putting the ISO folder in the "extra" without extra.cfg prepare to boot from file does not lead to any results. You can understand that good management leads to extra folder have unlimited resources.

Menu Extra options, customize your SARDU


See example at bottom with "Acronis True Image"*.


You can find examples in the official forum

SARDU adds more chance to add ISOs not directly managed and supported

N.B. These options are managed but isn't guaranteed that works fine. For help, see official help of manufacturers. These options is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, I can't help anyone!

*Example of use with extra folder


If file \Extra\Extra.cfg don't exists File --> Enabled Extra

Sample of use for extra folder for add "Acronis True Image"

#-> EDIT HERE <-
Label Acronis True Image
Menu Label ^Acronis True Image
kernel /extra/Acronis/dat3.dat
append initrd=/extra/Acronis/dat2.dat vga=0x314 ramdisk_size=40000 quiet
#->; EDIT HERE <-


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