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Multi Boot Creator

What's SARDU? How to use it?

SARDU is a tool to create a multiboot device. It can quickly build a multiboot UFD (USB Flash Drive) or a multiboot CD-DVD, without user's knowledge in computer science.

SARDU is fully portable, no need procedure of installation, it can be removed simply deleting the folder

Requirements to build a multiboot device:



Once downloaded the software, execute the extraction into a preferred folder (for example C:\SARDU)

and.. see the image at the bottom

Now we have to test the mutliboot USB built with SARDU in one real PC.

If you want add others software you have to follow this simply step

* If one ISO is already present the CheckBox of single software becomes active and selectable. If the software isn't present the checkbox is deactivated

Screenshoot  Desktop menu of one multiboot USB built with SARDU

Last SARDU version Download last version of SARDU

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