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Multiboot USB / DVD creator Antivirus, Utility, Linux, Windows

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Under Linux:

We have Androidx86 5.1-7.x but no 4.4? Also what the HECK does "android 8.1 Oreo x86_64 - only licenses" mean? And Android is capital A not lower case!
We have PopOS Intel/AMD but not Nvidia?

Under Windows:

We have "Installer Windows" enabled but everything else is PRO only. So which version of Windows does that option allow? IF it is any version but only ONE Windows installer USB or ISO then maybe it ...
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How to install Qubes OS ? How to install Qubes OS ?

Hi everyone !
I want to ask you if it's possible to install Qubes OS on SARDU.
And if it's possible, how to do this. ( In Linux section ? Windows or custom ? )
This is my SARDU config: Pro Tech 3.2.4.
Thanks for any advice. ;)
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Impossibile registrare Creator 3.2.4

Ciao, non riesco a registrarmi con i miei dati.
S.O. Win 10 pro
Ho disabilitato l'antivirus
Ho inserito le regole nel firewall per consentire le connessioni in entrata e uscita
Non riscaricato il tutto, cambiato disco, cambiato cartella, messo in C e D, aperto come amministratore, non so più cosa provare.
Il log è questo:
15-04-2019:16:12:28 - GetCurrentPath=C:\SARDU_324
15-04-2019:16:12:28 - GetCurrentDirUTF8=C:\SARDU_324
15-04-2019:16:12:28 - -----------------------------------------
15-04-2019:16:12:28 - Il controllo=Percorso di SARDU MultiBoot Creator
15-04-2019:16:12:28 - il ...
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the resulting USB stick is non-bootable

Hi again,
In the past few years I had created 3-4 incarnations of bootable USB sticks using Sardu, but this current version results in the USB non-bootable. For a test, I recorded a Fedora ISO on the same USB and it worked on my target system. So both the USB stick and my target computer are OK to boot from USB, it is only the USB created by Sardu that doesn't work.
Can you please ...
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Unable to register v3.2.4 Unable to register v3.2.4

Hi - just as per subject - I do enter my email and serial, but the version continues to say (Unregistered, for personal use...).
I do restart, but the same thing happens. I have disabled my antivirus and MalwareBytes too.
When I login to your website, I can clearly see that I have been registered since 2016 and all my details.
Could you please help?
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SARDU, Windows7 and USB 3

Do SARDU-created USB 3 sticks already have the necessary drivers to boot from a USB 3/3.1 stick on a Windows 7 system (not for installng WIndows 7, but for booting an existing WIndows 7 PC to carry out repairs)?
many thanks
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Pro Tech Version 'iso limit reached for this version'....

I've just paid for the full pro tech version, installed (updated) it, checked that it had updated the licence, then tried to add a single iso - Windows 10 iso - and got the message 'iso limit reached for this SARDU version' and telling me I need to buy the pro version...

Am I doing something wrong?

many thanks
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SARDU consente di "salvare" un pc?

Salve Costa.
Vorrei sapere se SARDU è in grado di fare quello che ho scritto nel titolo del messaggio.

Mi spiego meglio, poniamo che io abbia tra le mani un pc bloccato, che non si avvia.
Tra i programmi presenti ce ne è uno che mi consenta di entrare nel pc per mettere in salvo i dati in esso contenuti?
Spostandoli, a seconda dei casi, in un'altra partizione del disco del pc stesso o in ...
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