Sardu Malware?

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Sardu Malware?

Postby Belzebob » April 4th, 2014, 1:53 pm

Guten Tag,

das herunterladen der Installationsdateien von Sardu von der Homepage wird bei meinem Internetbrowser Chrome abgebrochen.

Die Datei wird als Malware erkannt.

Ich hab auf einem Virtuellen System die Datei heruntergeladen und ausgeführt, bei der Installationsroutine wird mir die Option "Install SecureProtect" gegeben, diese hab ich verneint "Decline". Trotz alledem installiert er mir dieses besagte Programm und Sardu. Der Scan mit einem Antivirus Programm bestätigt das Ergebnis, die Installationsdateien verteilen Malware.

Ich möchte gerne auf dieses Hinweisen, eventuell hat einer von euch ebenfalls die Erfahrung gemacht.

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Re: Sardu Malware?

Postby UFdFan » April 4th, 2014, 10:59 pm

Hallo Bob,

im englischen Teil des Forums wurde dazu schon viel spekuliert und geschrieben.

Hier die Antwort des Entwicklers Davide Costa zum Thema:

davidecosta wrote:

SARDU have to keep up:

One fast domain server Linux with unlimited traffic (
One fast domain server Windows with unlimited traffic (first, now used for downloads)
One fast domain server Linux with unlimited traffic (
One antispam (only not free works fine)

Who paid for them?

You're a technician, how many writings and deletions can do in a USB? how many writings and deletions can do one hard disk?
I bought dozens of pendrives USB/hard disks destroyed and consumed by testing SARDU. I bought one PCI USB3...

Who paid for them?

Now my PC have four year, works fine for normal use but not to develop. I can't make tests with boot from USB 3. I can't try if the insall from USB3 works fine with seven...

I have to buy a new pc? And who pays?

I'm sorry to demonstrate that your is just theory but this is story:

When I launched SARDU I was the first to automate one multiboot creation, after was the first to manage the Windows PE (still the only one).
Countless hours of work...spending my money on domains and hardware. I had added the donate button to the site and the software....unsuccessfully.
Technicians wrote: your incomplete: don't manage the installer of Windows XP and Vista, add this and all technicians donate to support
I added the management of all installer of Windows XP, all versions Service Pack, the installer of Vista. (the first and still the only one)
Donations? NO. Complaints? Of course yes: Your software don't manage all OEM versions of Windows XP, I need all DELL, IBM, Lenovo....with ALL SP...logically free
I stopped the develop of SARDU for months. Countless requests to resume the develop.
If you add the installer of Seven...donations
Is a shit, don't manage both Vista and Seven
Develope one module that manage the installer of Vista, Seven, Eight in the same partition Fat32, logically the first...and..still the only one.
Donations? NO. Complaints? Of course yes: I can't manage the background of your software, I can't remove the references to your name, to your site
Why this requests? To sell the tool as its

You can find in the forums (this,, technibble) all that I'm writing. You, as did all the others after I objected to their words, will disappear.
Without toolbar you would have continued to use SARDU without thinking that behind a person spends to help you in your work (paid).

Now you to Install Windows from USB you can use others tools, to add others tool you can do it by hand, has succeeded by one that sell liqueurs...

Hier der Link zum Original
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Re: Sardu Malware?

Postby davidecosta » April 5th, 2014, 9:21 am

Fixed yesterday, btw is a false positive of SARDU
Can you retry today?
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