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Moving the ISO paths

Hi All, I am downloading all the ISO's I can which turns out to be using more disk space than I have available. So I copied the ISO's to a removable disk, I changed the ISO path from the File menu, but all of the ISO Path's currently in Sardu, are pointing to the download folder on the main drive still, and not the external drive.

Is there a way to change the ISO list ...
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Grub CLI only

Hi All,

I have spent my time trying to build another new sardu disk but this one only ever boots to a grub command line, and does not show any interface. Is there something obvious i am doing wrong?
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ISO's burned but missing

Hi All,

trying to create a boot disk, and I have tried a number of things - none work.

When selecting a number of boot disks (Hirens, UBCD, Rescatux and a few others). The disk boots into Sardu, but, only a couple of the disks are accessible, but Hirens and UBCD are not even in the list anywhere.

I tried turning off x64, which was unsuccessful, tried changing the boot methods, GRUB, but none of ...
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boot uefi

Buonasera a tutti, vi scrivo per sapere se nell'attuale versione di sardu ce la possibilità di creare chiavi usb uefi per poter partire sui nuovi bios esclusivamente uefi.
Per es. HP EliteBook 830 G5 e simili dove non è più possibile configurare o gestire boot legacy.
Già provato a creare una iso base di sardu e caricarla tramite un applicativo terzo come Rufus (con cui ho già creato altre pendrive esclusivamente uefi con successo), ma ...
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Large USB 128GB

I tried to install SARDU on a large USB of 128 GB.

I had to use NTFS file system.

SARDU worked OK but there is no "Menu" folder.

I tried this again and still there is no "Menu" folder, I can boot into some of the ISO files but not all, mostly I cannot find a Antivirus that supports WiFi.

I don't have a virus or any problem with my computer.

When I try to ...
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Could not convert variant of type (null) into (string)

I was having problems having any of the antivirus ISO and also some of the Linux ISO work.

So I deleted the ISO's and I deleted SARDU 343.

I again downloaded and tried again.

When I try the program and especially when I try to register the program I receive the error:

Could not convert variant of type (null) into (string).

How can I fix this?

Thank you,

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Win10 Installer, HirenPE, Win10PE funktionieren nicht


leider funktioniert es nicht mit Sardu 340 und den oben genannten Installer PE Versionen. Ich habe es mit einer Windows 10 v2004 AiO ISO erstellet mit dem MediaCreationTool, versucht. Ich habe es mit einer Win10 ISO von einer Webseite versucht. Ich habe die Hirens BootPE und eine Win10PE Version versucht. Beim booten vom Stick habe Ich es mit den Möglichkeiten Grub, Mem ua anders versucht zu booten Ich bekomme immer die Meldung: exception at ...
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I tried adding PopOs as ubuntu but it did not boot. Any suggestions? download link
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SARDU und wie funktioniert es jetzt genau mit den Lizenzen?


also ich kaufe zb vor 4 Jahren eine normale Jahres Lizenz. Ich gehe davon aius das ich diese 5mal aktivieren kann innerhalb eines Jahres. Das gleiche im nächsten Jahr. WEnn ich dann im folgenden Jahr eine Lifetime Lizenz kaufe gehe ich davon aus das ich auch diese 5mal aktivieren kann. Also zb 1mal 2019. 2mal 2020. Und dann vielleicht noch 2mal 2020.

Mir wurde aber nach Kauf der Lifetime Lizenz die Aktivierung der alten ...
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Integrare la iso di pc-check della Eversoft in Sardu

Sono Michele di Ancona e porgo un saluto a chiunque leggerà,

ho provato ad integrare la iso di pc-check della Eversoft utilizzando la funzione di "aggiungi ISO Extra" disponibile per me come possessore di licenza PRO Basic;

evidentemente sto sbagliando qualcosa perché non riesco a far funzionare la iso in questione, anche se la voce mi viene aggiunta sotto la sezione "utility" dove ho scelto io di inserirla; ho fatto diverse ricerche qui sul forum ...
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