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SARDU for dummies

Postby davidecosta » November 23rd, 2012, 10:44 pm

I wrote one guide: SARDU for dummies

UfdFan traslate it in German How to: Anleitung für SARDU Neulinge

an extract of english version
SARDU is a tool to create a multiboot device. It can quickly build a multiboot UFD (USB Flash Drive) or a multiboot CD/DVD, without user's knowledge in computer science.
SARDU is fully portable, no need procedure of installation, it can be removed simply deleting the folder
Once downloaded the software, execute the extraction into a preferred folder (for example C:\SARDU)

Extract all files, going in the folder, we have to launch sardu.exe and after a few of seconds will appear the GUI above.
Plug the previously formatted USB or other removable support
Press the "search USB" button (in the upper right)
After a few of seconds SARDU will show the "tab report" with all the details of our USB connected, under the button "search USB" is displayed the USB pen in use that you will can change with the appropriate ComboBox.
Make sure to select the correct USB
Our first multiboot USB will be very simple using the default SARDU package
In a later time we could continue to add what we want without the need for Re-delete all.
Press the Button with the logo USB
Will be asked "Are you sure you want to write data in..."
Pressing Yes will start the automatic procedure to build the multiboot. Soon we will be warned that the USB multiboot was created successfully.

You are welcome in the group user of SARDU multiboot

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