Windows AHCI boot

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Windows AHCI boot

Postby oto » January 27th, 2018, 10:37 pm

I have an older HP pavilion laptop with Windows 10 and SSD disk. It boots correctly in IDE mode but not when AHCI. There is issue or bug in unlocked BIOS that I am able to set disk controller to AHCI mode but then drive is not recognized in BIOS. As the drive is not recognized I get error that "operational system is not found". If booted from Windows USB/CD repair or recovery disk then I see that disk is present so it is only BIOS problem that it doesn't recognize the disk.
I had an idea that I could create a USB stick with Windows Boot Manager which would boot Windows installation from SATA. Created a bootable USB stick using bcdboot and bcdedit tools but it doesn't boot from AHCI and shows error that "boot device is not present" but the same stick works for legacy IDE booting. Seems even Windows 10 boot manager doesn't boot AHCI. :(

Maybe some 3rd party boot managers/loaders support AHCI boot like GRUB2,GRUB4DOS, PLOP which could be run from SARDU? :?:
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Re: Windows AHCI boot

Postby davidecosta » January 28th, 2018, 8:11 pm

plop and grub2(pro version), grub4DOS are integrated in SARDU
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