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Postby ogreinside » May 7th, 2016, 5:05 am

How can I effectively do "select all" to select all items in a category and do actions such as add them to the download list or check the ISO folder for them?

For example, I want to make a boot disk with all antivirus ISOs. So I want to select them all and let them download if they are not already in the ISO folder. It seems I can only do either "download" or "select ISO", this intelligence isn't there.

From what I can tell the only way to accomplish this is to double-click each item individually and answer "add to download list" or "select ISO" manually. This is very tedious and I feel stupid asking since this is an extremely basic feature of any UI that has multiple items. Is this possible?

Ideally it would be great if SARDU checks the ISO folder when you select an item, downloads ISO if not there, then creates the bootdisk when all are downloaded. For now I'm just trying to figure out the "select all" part.

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