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PostPosted: September 7th, 2015, 10:36 am
by davidecosta
Hi SARDU 3 users,
This post will be updated continuously to help users to make better use of SARDU MultiBoot Creator

SARDU manage Windows 10 AIO x86 + x64 builded with Media Creation Tool ?
SARDU Pro Tech can manage this ISO named windows.iso

errors=SARDU can't access NUR file

Code: Select all
File not found c:bootATTEND3.TXT...
File not found: cboot4TTENDE.TXT

errors=SARDU can't access NUR file

This tool works fine only with unmodified copy of SARDU!

Do you use one pendrive or one Hard Disk?
Is smaller than 32 GB? (remember the limit of FAT 32 is 32 gb, often all works fine with unit larger than 32 gb...but isn't the rule )
If user use one hard disk or unit larger than 32 GB can partition it building first partition FAT 32 smaller than 32 GB, the rest free.
If user use one unit smaller than 32 GB can ha the FAT or MBR corrupted, can solve this problem using RmPrepUsb formatting the pendrive FAT32
Now user can build one USB with SARDU adding one installer of Windows at time.