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Usability anti-pattern: Download link opens Facebook

PostPosted: November 27th, 2015, 6:44 pm
by livewirebt
I remember using this application long time ago and wanted to recommend it somewhere. I tried downloading it and was confused to be directed to this malicious and privacy-invading Nazi^H^H^H^H concerned citizen petting zoo without notice. All the social buttons on the website have not gone unnoticed, interested users may click one of these eventually. No need to distract them with such an anti-pattern

Looking into the website code:

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<a href="/download/" onclick="javascript:window.location.href='/download/';''); return false;">SARDU Multiboot Creator 3</a>

From a user perspective:

  • A user clicks the download link and expects that the browser will download something and notify appropriately.
  • Opening Facebook when clicking "download" gives the impression that Facebook now offers general purpose file hosting like Github/Sourceforge.
  • A more sophisticated user may even check the link target but not notice that the browser is already downloading (because two events happen at the same time) and trying again. Some browsers may only notify the user when the download was finished.
  • No user expects a serious software project to screw up website navigation like this.
  • A security conscious user may label this behavior as immature, non-professional or social media/warez bullshit and never return to your site.

Re: Usability anti-pattern: Download link opens Facebook

PostPosted: November 28th, 2015, 10:55 am
by davidecosta
For me is very jard reply to this post

Is true: i redirect user to our facebook page and user thatr read ....can read this After downloading You will be redirected to our Facebook page.
The same method is used by more and more software house like DrWeb

My difficulty is reply to one user that write this for one redirect page to facebook

  • malicious
  • privacy-invading
  • Nazi

Now I ask you a fovor: can you report to the court this?
This is the link

I'm a dangerous person? The nazi killed millions of people with the gas.
Please read here.
In Italy your impeachment it's punished with
Imprisonment > 6 month <3 years and one forfati > 516,00 € .....this without the term nazi....