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SARDU 4.4.0 for Linux released

PostPosted: May 22nd, 2023, 9:46 pm
by davidecosta
Today I relased las SARDU 4.4.0 for Linux
download here

Changelof rom 4.0.0:

SARDU Multiboot Creator 4.4.0
Fixed exception after db updates with USB selected
Fixed error with MemTest86+ 6.x (BIOS Legacy Boot)
Updated Memtest86 to 10.4 (UEFI Boot)
MemTest86+ to 6.2 (Bios Legacy and UEFI Boot)
Updated rEFInd to
Updated the software certificate valid until 2026
Improved USB recognition

SARDU Multiboot Creator 4.3.1
Fixed critical issue for MultiBoot ISO creation
Fixed background and tools issue in creating USB MultiBoot

SARDU Multiboot Creator 4.3.0
Updated Memtest to 10.2 build 1000 (UEFI)
Updated Memtest86+ to 6.10 (UEFI + Bios Legacy )
Updated ISO manage to support Fedora >37 from Legacy Bios Boot
Updated the database of managed ISOs
Updated and improved language management (translations)
Improved ISO name recognition
Fixed Exception when the USB combo is empty

SARDU Multiboot Creator 4.2.0
Updated Memtest to 10 build 1000 (UEFI)
Updated Memtest86+ to 6.00 (UEFI + Bios Legacy )
Updated the database of managed ISOs
Fixed issue with booting Windows PE from MAC
Fixed issue building ISO (hanging on "building UEFI")
Improved GUI
Improved User experience
And ... more.

SARDU Multiboot Creator 4.1.0
Updated GRUB4DOS (BIOS Legacy)
Updated Memtest EFI to 9.4
Updated Refind to
Updated second partition creation
Updated FreeDos to 1.3
Improved USB partition creation
Improved ISO management
now SARDU manages and formats ExFat USB flash drive